Making A Difference Grant For Educators

Fall 2019 UEF Making A Difference Grant

Do you have a project or initiative you’d like to implement but need help funding? Has your department or grade been brainstorming ideas for continual improvement but aren’t sure how to fund them?  If you have a vision for an idea or project for your classroom, complete an application for an Urbandale Education Foundation (UEF) Making A Difference Grant to help bring your idea to life!

UEF Making A Difference Grant Application 2019 (Fillable Form)
(Note: When you click on the link, the application will open. Be sure to download and save the application; don’t open the PDF and add content to it prior to downloading and saving the PDF on your desktop. Once you’ve added your content, be sure to save the application again.)

Note: Applications Due September 20, 2019. 

What is the UEF Making A Difference Grant?
The UEF Making A Difference Grant is intended to provide an educator the opportunity to receive funds from the UEF in order to assist and support creative ideas/projects that will “bring learning to life for everyone.” Grants will be awarded following an application review and selection process.

Criteria For Applying & Awarding UEF Making A Difference Grants

  • Grants are awarded for projects and initiatives not supported within existing school or PTO budgets.
  • Before applying for a grant, please be sure to confirm your school building budget and/or PTO is not able to fund your project/initiative. If they are, please go through those resources first.
  • Application forms will be made available in May of each school year and must be returned by the stated deadline.
  • The application is a fillable PDF. Once you complete the application, please have your direct administrator sign-off on your application or s/he can email approval.
  • The application submission deadline is September 20, 2019.
  • Factors to be considered in reviewing the grants include: Level of school need; Availability of funds and applications submitted; Impact on students in “bringing learning to life”; Overall design and feasibility of the proposal.
  • Grants will not be awarded to educators for personal training or continuing education.
  • The UEF does not typically grant funds to external organizations unless the funds directly support students in the Urbandale Community School District.
  • Grant requests may be fully funded, partially funded or not funded at all.
  • Following review by the Foundation, the grants will be awarded in October. Any deadlines for the applicant in utilizing the funds should be noted on the application.
  • Projects or initiatives must be completed by the end of the school year in which the grant is awarded.
  • Purchase Orders must be submitted by April 1st and P-card expenses must be submitted by May 10th. All grant funds must be used during the school year they are awarded, with a final reconciliation date of May 10th of the school year the grant is awarded. Thereafter, any unused grant funds will be returned to the Foundation in order to ‘pay it forward’ and support educator grants for the following school year.
  • Although the UEF considers all grant applications, if an applicant has previously been awarded a grant for two consecutive school years for the same or similar project/initiative, the Board may elect to fund other deserving projects/initiatives.
  • Historically, funding for grants has ranged between $100 and $1,500 per grant. Future grant awards are dependent on grant applications and available funds.
  • The UEF Board requests that grant recipients provide a brief summary of results/outcomes of the project (i.e. a one-page summary works great). This will help the Board with future planning and fund distribution as well as provide an update to donors as to how their contribution is helping to support Urbandale Schools.

If you have any questions, please contact Dena Quist.

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